Volunteering: A National Mandatory Civil Service?

Volunteering: A National Mandatory Civil Service? By: Jonathan Graves, MSA, MIR                 When the social needs of a society are not being met, it is the duty of people within that society to step up and fix whatever problems exist. Just as it is the duty of every mentally fit individual to serve jury... Continue Reading →

Diplomacy: My First Foray

Opinions Piece: Global Diplomatic Forum London 2018 Jonathan Blaine Graves, MSA, MIR             Have you ever had a week where every conversation you had, every event you went to, and every person you met was an exhilarating experience? I had never experienced anything like the Global Diplomatic Forum (GDF) in London in July of 2018.... Continue Reading →

Immigration Reform: The Big Picture

The Benefits of Sound Immigration Policy              Immigration is a central debate in American politics as well as world affairs at present. Is there an all-encompassing solution that looks past political bias and partisan politics that would effectively improve America at the local, state, and national level? I am not talking about discussion points where... Continue Reading →

Leadership Defined

Dear Norwich University,                The beginning was not the end, but the end was certainly the beginning. After landing in Burlington, the scenic Vermont landscape fascinated my mind and I curiously wondered what my visit to Norwich University would be like. You see, I was attending Norwich Universities 2018 Residency which was unchartered territory. Not... Continue Reading →

America, Free Yourself From Politics

With disgust over the current political environment in the U.S., I decided to experiment with the idea of quitting politics. My thesis states that by not being a consumer of politics and the main stream media (MSM), that my life would be more fulfilled, and I would be happier. Not only did my thesis prove... Continue Reading →

Think-Chain Defined: Revolutionary Thought

Think-Chain Consulting Jonathan B. Graves, MSA, MIR May 12, 2018 Think-Chain Defined             Think-Chain is a new theory for industrial organization as it relates to the structure of companies large and small within microeconomics; utilizing Blockchains core ideological root, Think-Chain implements a non-hierarchical system where partners work on equal footing. Specifically, internal firm organization functions... Continue Reading →

Ethical Empathy: A National Leadership Crisis

Ethical Empathy: A National Leadership Crisis Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Jonathan B. Graves, MSA Norwich University bstract This paper analyzes the role of ethical empathy regarding the national security crisis of America’s moral degradation which is politically motivated by partisan fervor. Not only has partisanship striped America’s ethical altruism bare, but partisan politics... Continue Reading →

Multilateral Diplomacy: A Vital Supply Chain Management Tool For CIKR

Multilateral Diplomacy: A Vital Supply Chain Management Tool For CIKR Jonathan Blaine Graves, MSA              When most people think of supply chain management regarding Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR), they analyze vulnerabilities, threats, and consequences that deal with efficiencies and effectiveness of industrial organization such as redundancy and resiliency. An area of study left... Continue Reading →

Macroeconomic Scaling of Risk: Nuclear Showdown

Macroeconomic Scaling of Risk for a Nuclear Showdown: North Korea vs. America Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Jonathan B. Graves, MSA Norwich University Abstract This paper examines the risk strategy of model-based risk analysis (MBRA) with regards to the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. The MBRA formula, risk (r) = threat (t)... Continue Reading →

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