Accept Your Struggle, Embrace Character Building

    Growing up is a tough business. Patience for your dreams, your wishes, and your desires is even harder. There have been a few key moments in my life where time has relieved the tension of my wants. After a few times when your wants don’t match your situation, you realize that happiness is a benchmark whereby reality and expectation equal each other in direct proportions. If you accept this premise, then an unhappy person has two choices; lower your expectation or work to make your reality match your expectations. Embracing the struggle is one way to mitigate the affects of the linear relationship that is happiness (reality equals expectation). Focus on what you truly want and attack that goal with all your power and motivation. Before long, you will see that your wants have become true and the cycle has started anew with another goal. This my friends, is the definition of life. It is human nature to want but it is human nature to have purpose on a continual basis which means you will always want for something.

    By accepting that success takes work, involves struggle, and unwavering belief in yourself, you rid your goals and ambitions of excuses for failing. Simply put, how we view our ambition to succeed is as much a part of the formula for success as achieving goals. Mental acuity and physical accomplishment go hand and hand. A wise man takes care of his mind, body and spirit because the three interrelate and encompass the totality of health. Every success story has the same formula. A man or woman worked tirelessly, believed in him or herself, and knew that one day his or her reality would match their expectation. While I am not an expert in psychology or philosophy, I understand my life, my experiences, and my past with exceptional aptitude. Live your life based on the ideals that you hold dear. As humans, we instinctually know what is right and wrong in our lives and that guiding light can tell us more about ourselves if only we give it the platform to be heard. Listen to yourself, trust yourself, and most importantly, find a goal and match your reality to your expectations through hard work and dedication.

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