A little about me

Passionate about travel, cultural exchanges have influenced my life and instilled an incessant want to visit every country in the world. BlainesTerrain is about breaking down barriers and being true to our inner child that wants to play, laugh, smile, and dream. Food, beer, people. The ingredients to happiness are simple and easily attainable.

I grew up traveling to Canada for hockey quite a bit as a child. On my 14th birthday I arrived at Culver Military Academy, a boarding school in central Indiana, where the student body was diverse and from far reaching countries that fascinated me. I knew people from Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, and many other places that stoked an interest i would not soon forget.

I grew up curios to learn more about other people, cultures, and places which kept me motivated to one day see the world. Now that I am older and have traveled some, I have made the decision to make travel more involved in my life and possibly even my lifestyle. Travel is not just important to grow as a person but it teaches you many things about yourself and makes you a better person. I would not be who i am without a great curiosity and the want to travel.

I love dogs, play hockey, guitar, and enjoy running. Being outdoors is surreal and every breath of fresh air rejuvenates me and of course taking photos of everywhere I have been has become a hobby. I even started an Instagram account that showcases unique aspects of Detroit as well as its revival and renaissance. You can check it out at DetroitReal.

Sometimes it takes a person a long time to find their life mission and my only advice is that you will never go wrong when doing something you love. This sounds cliche’ but life is short and happiness is not a tangible thing you own but rather something you create and live.


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